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Top 3 Things To Look For Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer

Top 3 Things To Look For Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer
web Apr 06, 2022

If you're looking for mobile app development, you'll quickly discover that the market is flooded, to say the least. There are scores of mobile app developers out there, each claiming to be the best of the lot.
Having said that, how many of those developers are actually eligible to create the app that you need. The count may be substantially lower than what you might have thought when you started off.
Fret not, though! Think of this guide as a complete checklist that you may use while assessing the shortlisted prospects. In the end, knowing what exactly you are looking for in a mobile app development company in Dubai will make it much easier for you to find the right match for developing your app. 
If the mobile app development firm isn't really innovative, as an end-user you won't be thrilled by their work. The more a developer can capture a user's perspective, the more engaging the app will be. Some of the app development companies will be able to do this, but others won't. This isn't necessarily a deal-breaker when working with a mobile app developer, but it is certainly a quality that helps set the app apart from the others. The willingness of a mobile app development company in Dubai to put a new thought or concept to the screen is essential. This is also an intangible attribute that is not always easy to determine.
A creative mobile app developer will carry an outstanding portfolio of high-quality applications. The work might not be restricted to just apps. There are several creative developers working on various platforms.
Platform Specialization 
What kind of smartphone app are you building Is it going to run on iOS or on the Android platform? Or both?
The response is critical when you choose an app development firm. Some developers specialize in one platform over the other. Applications for different operating systems are designed with specific coding languages. Besides this, apps are designed with native platform-specific user experiences in mind. 
Preferably, you want to pick a developer who can design for both iOS and Android. Otherwise, you'd have to find two different developers to code for each platform, which, in turn, might lead to more issues than you could probably imagine.
Developer Type 
Many times the cost can play a key role in one's decision to find an app developer. But like most things you're doing, cheaper isn't necessarily better. 
A simple means of cutting corners and saving some money is to opt for a freelance developer. However, we wouldn't suggest you take this path.
Don't get us wrong; there are certainly some creative freelancers out there who are more than capable of creating an app for you. They might even do it at an affordable price. However, a freelancer is just one individual. They're probably working on several projects at the same time, so they can't concentrate all their attention on your app. Also, they might be skilled in certain coding languages, platforms, industries and functions. This makes it challenging for individual freelancers to think out of the box or find new solutions to their ideas. 
On the contrary, a dedicated mobile app development company in Dubai would have a team of developers. And they're all going to work on your app in unison, helping you achieve a desirable outcome on time and also sharing knowledge with each other to provide you with the best possible solution.
Innobayt Innovative Solutions is a Dubai based firm carrying unmatched proficiency in the design and development of apps such as web apps, mobile apps (iOS and Android app development), IoT apps, and AI-powered apps such as chatbots, AR/VR apps etc. When you want to convert your ideas into apps, you don’t just need a development team but a technical advisor with experience building similar solutions, who can understand your requirements and propose holistic and technology-agnostic solutions.  
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