Smart City IT Infrastructure layers and our offerings:

  • Sensing

    The IoT Layer - Data Collection Layer across the City using Sensors and IoT Devices.
    Our Offerings: Outdoor Cameras, Video Walls and Displays, Emergency Boxes and Hand Held Devices

  • Communication Layer

    Network Infrastructure to take the feeds to the centralized location.
    Our Offerings: Network Passive Components in Copper and Fiber, Switching and Routing Components, Industrial Grade Switches, Wi FI Solutions, RF Connectivity, Video Conferencing, IP Telephony and AV Solutions

  • Data Management Layer

    Centralized Date Center for Data Processing and Storage.
    Our Offerings: Servers, SAN Solutions, OS & RDBMS Licenses and Services, Data Center Networking & Routing, Power Solutions, Load Balancing and Application Delivery, DR as Cloud Service, Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery and BCP Solutions, Virtualization, Backup Solutions

  • Applications and Services Layer

    Our Offerings: E-Municipality, E-Health, DMS and Workflow Solutions, GPS Based Fleet Management.

  • Centralized Command and Control Layer

    Our Offerings: Enterprise Management System (EMS), Command Control and Communications Software (CCC), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Video Management Software (VMS)

  • Data Security

    To ensure the security and integrity of the Data.
    Our Offerings: Next Generation Firewall, IPS, Web Application Firewalls, DDoS, Anti-APT Solutions, SIEM Solutions, Data Encryption Solutions like Hardware Security Module etc.. Security Cloud Services

  • Analytics Layer with Dash Board

    Our Offerings: Data Analytics, Visual Analytics, Video Analytics, GIS etc