Internet facing applications are the taget for most attackers. In most cases, these applications contain the keys to the kingdom.

  • What does an attacker achieve by exploiting a vulnerable application?
  • Applications may contain employee data, support online transactions, store personal files like pictures and videos etc.. By breaking into an application an attacker gains access to such valuable data.

  • Why do they do it?
  • There is no one answer to this question. Some hackers have revealed that they do it for "fun". Gaining unauthorised access to private servers and exploiting vulnerabilities is sometimes fun. Other than fun, state sponsored hackers exploit exposed applications to disrupt political or civil or defense activities. Such activities are also known widely as cyberwarfare.

  • How do we protect ourselves?
  • Protecting an organization from such activities is no simple task. Security Vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis in a varitey of technologies.
    However an active initiative from the organization can reduce cyber risk substantially.Part of this is to conduct regular security assessment of external facing webapplications to forsee what an attacker could. Conducting such activities, on a regular basis, has become mandatory for some industries. As we grow more connected in the near future, the gap or distance between different organizations will slim down. Attackers have started targeting organizations in order to gain information of a seperate one. This is clearly seen in the target hack "give link here" where attackers traget (less cyberaware) vendors in order to penetrate Target.

  • Types of External facing applications:
    1. Webapplications
    2. Thick Client applications
    3. Android/iOS applications
  • FAQs
    1. "Why Outsurce security assessments" ???
    2. "Is it cheaper to outsource" ???
    3. "What is the quality of the assessment" ???

    Outsourcing does not mean a compromise on quality over financial benefits. With increase in skilled professionals all over the globe, the option of having more than one team working towars teh same goal is more attractive and beneficial. Our teams from around the world are carefully vetted for the required skillset and also have their backgrounds checked. This security as a service system reduces the pressures on organisations by completely offloading both time and

    1. security outsourcing
    2. tools for monitoring "open source"
    3. tools for ssl scanning and giving reports